The Londonderry City Mission


The Londonderry City Mission (aka Methodist City Mission) is a ministry of the Methodist Church in Ireland (under whose auspice it has charitable status) and is part of the Londonderry, Inishowen, Limavady and Strabane Mission Circuit of the Methodist Church in Ireland


    2.1.     The aim of the Methodist City Mission (MCM) is to address social issues and needs from a Christian perspective in a spirit of helpfulness and hope

    2.1.1.   In pursuit of this aim MCM will support, and where possible enter into partnership with, other churches, community groups and voluntary and public sector bodies and service providers with a similar aim or aims

    2.1.2.   MCM will also seek to provide, in the Clooney Hall Centre, a place where its aim can be focused and developed in practical ways

    2.1.3.   And MCM will continue to provide, in its Hostel for Homeless Men, a service in which accommodation and support can be given to homeless men, where each resident can be offered a resettlement programme identifying skills they may be lacking and support they may need to make a new start back into the community, and where the client group shall include homeless men from 18 years of age upwards

    2.2.    In furtherance of the above aim but not further or otherwise, MCM may:

    2.2.1. pool the resources of the various services within its operations to enhance the quality of life of its client groups

    2.2.2. establish, equip and maintain facilities to enhance the quality of life of its client groups

    2.2.3. provide a confidential setting where client groups can achieve the counselling and support they need

    2.2.4. provide help, support and information on issues of health, social welfare and legal rights

    2.2.5. implement and deliver programmes calculated to improve the knowledge, skills, well being and self-confidence of clients

    2.2.6. provide an outreach service to former residents of the MCM Hostel

    2.2.7. provide facilities, support and assistance to former residents of the MCM Hostel

    2.2.8. address issues around alcohol/drug use and abuse and liaise with relevant agencies

    2.2.9. promote, engage and assist research into the social needs of the people of the city

    2.2.10. work with statutory, public, private and voluntary organisations to develop new, and to support present, initiatives

    2.2.11. purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire any property which may be deemed necessary or convenient for the purposes of MCM

    2.2.12. construct, maintain and alter any buildings or works necessary or convenient for the purposes of MC M, and fit with the necessary furniture and other equipment

    2.2.13. do all lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of said objects


    3.1.    MCM shall be managed by a Mission Committee appointed annually by the Methodist Church in Ireland, to whom it shall give an annual report

    3.2.    The Mission Committee shall nominate Committee members, and office bearers to undertake the functions of Administrator, Secretary of the Committee and Treasurer

    3.3.    The MCM Superintendent, appointed by the Methodist Church in Ireland, shall Chair the Mission Committee meetings

    3.4.    The Mission Committee shall meet for the conduct of business in keeping with its objects   as it sees fit: but in any event it shall meet not less than four times a year

    3.5.    The Mission Committee, in consultation with the relevant staff and client group, shall make rules governing the conditions, rights and privileges of those working and living in its Hostel


The Mission Committee may among other things:

    4.1.    make such requisitions as it considers appropriate for the efficient conduct of the business of MCM

    4.2.    establish sub-committees and shall determine their terms of reference, membership and duration. All such sub-committees shall make regular reports on their work to the Mission Committee


    5.1.    All income of MC M, howsoever derived, shall be applied to the purposes of MC M and to no other purpose, provided that nothing therein contained shall prevent the payment of legitimate out-of-pocket expenses to members of the Committee engaged upon the approved business of MCM

    5.2.    The financial year of MC M shall be 1st January- 31st December

    5.3.    The Mission Committee shall have the power to maintain a bank account or accounts in the name of the Londonderry City Mission, and shall specify those members of the Committee authorised to sign cheques on its behalf

    5.4.    The Mission Committee shall authorise and ensure the keeping of proper books of account and shall designate responsibility for the annual audit of its finances to a firm of Accountants


MCM shall indemnify and keep indemnified its own employees, members and volunteers and MCM's property, plant and equipment, against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings and all costs and expenses attribute to any such claim, demands, actions and proceedings

Furthermore, each Agency involved in the work of MC M shall indemnify, through insurance or otherwise, its own employees, members and volunteers in like circumstances as outlined above


This constitution shall only be amended by full agreement of the LONDONDERRY CITY MISSION, MISSION COMMITTEE appointed by the Methodist Church in Ireland.