Clooney Family Centre is a cross community and partnership project for children and families established under the auspices of the North West Community Support Partnership which consists of Clooney Hall Methodist City Mission, Resource Centre Derry and Foyle Health and Social Services Trust. The project has been funded by The Children's Fund, The Local Health & Social Care Group and Foyle Health & Social Services Trust.

Action for Children, the leading Children's Charity, has been commissioned by the Partnership to provide this Family Centre Service. Action for Children deliver services on a UK wide basis to support the most vulnerable children, young people and their families so that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our work is underpinned by a commitment to respecting difference and experience while promoting fairness and equality of opportunity.

At the Family Centre we are committed to working with families in an open, honest and fair manner and aim to create a warm, welcoming and friendly environment for all who use the service.

Our Aim is to provide a range of accessible family support services for children aged 0 - 12 years for their parents / carers in the Waterside urban and rural areas.